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2 Parts - 99.99% complete!

Posted by Hell-Fire - September 12th, 2007

Just a quick update. Sprite Survivor 8, which will be released within two weeks, is going to be submitted in two parts, because I exceeded the 16000 frame limitations of Flash.

Both parts are 99.99% complete, and the movie should be released within the next week.

What are your thoughts on submitting it in two halves on the same day?

Comments (7)

thats good i'm so excited

w00t! two parts! but seriously, I'm dissapointed with your 3 choices of people to replace Cecil. You had Bomber Man, Commander keen or whatever his name was, and CLOUD. that's like walking into a game store and having a choice of 3 games: Mario is Missing, Barney's hide and seek adventure, ans Super Smash Brothers Melee. I wouldn't be surprised if you started making the next episode before the people even started voting... But I'm not gonna let that spoil anything! this is the greatest series ever, besides Super Mario Z, And maybe, by a little bit, Madness.

I've spent two years making this. What makes you think I started making it before SS7?

And Keen was Supercool!

well finally good news well but the two parts are out in the same day?

Yeah, they will be

Finally! One of the best sprite series in the world, comes back to Newgrounds! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what happens between Bub and Dark Knight. Will Dark Knight win? Or Bub? Maybe Mog will do some move which takes out Dark Knight? Or maybe Hell-Fire's own sprite of himself appears and destroys them all. I can safely say Bub can't be the spy because the spy spoke english. Unless, Bub CAN speak english. Who knows? Only Hell-Fire. I can't wait for it but kinda disappointed that people kept voting after you said stop. Good job dude!

Sweet! Can't wait!

OMG i have been a huge fan of this for a long long time!!!! Finally my pain of wait is over!!

Glad to see your back =) I thought the sprite survivor series died, but you shoved the words back into my face XD can't wait to see more!