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Sprite Survivor 8 is out!

Posted by Hell-Fire - September 18th, 2007

Sprite Survivor 8 is now out. Sorry to all those people who got fed up of waiting two years, I was just really busy. Anyway, it comes in two parts, so check them out and tell me what you think.

Sprite Survivor 8 - Part 1

Sprite Survivor 8 - Part 2

Comments (18)

Great Episode man!
But my whole point of posting was to ask what the hell was with that fat wizard dude!
Now I never played the game he's from and I'm sure he's an evil basterd of some sort, but the sprite you used doesn't really show that.

Everything else is top notch as always, I just wanted you to know.

If that sprite was the real one from the game it's from, I'm gonna bust something.

You mean at the end with Sephiroth and Yuber? It was Magus from Chrono Trigger, and yes, it was the real sprite XD

O yes it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo good i can't wait till ep 9

DUDE THAT IS SO FREAKING SHAWESOME! As a loyal fan and the president of the We Love Bub, Bub Rocks, Fan Club. (There is a Bub Rocks, We Love Bub Fan club and Bub Offical Fan Club. I made my own :) ) I nominate that Bub should be president and Cloud, Ark & That Black Knight dude totally forgot about Bub. Poor Bub, if it wasn't for him Mog woulda been dead. And how thick is Ganendork. =P

Yeah, Bub sure is a hero! If only everyone could see that...

I just had to say. I forgot to mention in my other comment. Judging on the votes i've looked at before this comment it seems like Bub & Celes will leave. Shadow has had like 1 or 2 votes and Link has had quite a lot. But Bub & Celes seem to have loads. I voted for Link, like I said in the review it was a tough call but I had me reasons. I hope Bub stays and Link & Celes leave. They had sex already they can have it on the boat back or something. And Mario returns to have a thing up his behind? New, also the Sailor Sluts are back! Run people! But like I said. Bub should stay. Tho, the bubble attacks weren't that effective but I reckon that if he stays his attack will be bigger and he'll unleash bigger spiked bubbles of DOOOOOOOOOOM! Erm, yes. But it is a great series and if he is voted off please keep him on the island or something!

That was great! Awesome job!

Unfortunately, you chose a HORRIBLE time to submit it. I just checked, and saw that the next chapter of XOMBIE was submitted. Ouch.

Haha, I know. lol

I'm so happy this episode is out! But now I gotta watch it from the beginning because I forgot what happened. Lol.

now the question is.. When is Sprite Survivor 9 coming out?? do you have a planned date?

What do I think? AWESOME! Poor Angela...Right after she has sex with a FROG(who used to be a fat Italian plumber and made crappy pasta.Why couldn't you choose Luigi?), she gets voted off. but what the Hell are Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars doing here?! Sailor Moon gets voted off, and then two more sex-addicts come and take her place! They should hire better security..There's like more than 8 people on the island who shouldn't be there!(If you include the people who stayed after they got voted off.)

right finaly sprite survivor 8 is out but how many time you calculated to make sprite survivor 9? AND what number is the final sprite survivor?


I really loved episode 8. Keep up the good work!

The people demand more Super Suikoden!

Or perhaps a little serious series. The adventures of flik and viktor!

so..... when's Sprite Survivor 9 coming out?

(slips HF a key and marios axe) o dear i dropped my key to simone and keens room here take this axe and help me "look" for it. So u think you could let some link votes slide :D?

*BUB votes*

Are you working on anything at the moment?

LOL dude what if Aeries comes back from the dead and stabs Sephiroth in the back when he's not looking? (in SS of course).

Are you working on anything right now?