Entry #6

Sprite Survivor Reborn

2009-09-11 10:50:12 by Hell-Fire

It's been just over a year since my last post here saying that SS was on hold. You'll be happy to know that I am now working on it and it should be out in a few months. The plot for SS-9 has been written and I've just started animating the first scene. Here's a few screens.

Sprite Survivor Reborn


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2009-09-11 11:09:19

i knew you would just leave us like that :D


2009-09-11 11:59:49

all.. all this time i was waiting.. thinking you were making it during this year. NOW I FIND OUT YOU JUST STARTED WORKING ON IT!



2009-09-11 12:51:56

I loved watching this years ago. Glad to see its still in progress!


2009-09-11 13:00:43

Woop! Good to hear.


2009-09-11 19:02:28

Hooray! I'm glad that you have come back to finish this. I really hate to see things not be done. Well I can't wait to see this when it comes out.

Hell-Fire responds:

Me too. I've always had big plans for the finale, and the feeling of leaving it incomplete was irritating.


2009-09-12 04:41:00

Good to hear it's coming back. Screens are looking good.


2009-09-24 23:10:53

Omg yay finally your starting to make it. I've followed it from the beginning


2009-10-04 14:27:15

At last. It's back. (Sniffles). A great day! We get to see Bub again! Hooray! I'm so happy! I cannot wait for SS9!

Hell-Fire responds:

It'll take a while. Glad you're excitied though :)


2009-10-05 17:06:48

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! ITS COMIN BACK!!!!!! I knew you'd continue it i cant wait to see this again this is truly one of the BEST flash series i've ever seen.


2009-10-08 22:39:08

So who got eliminated ?


2009-10-09 08:07:34

Awesome! I can't wait for this, if only time could fly so it can speed this to be completed lol. Good luck man. :) (I Probably am the only one waiting forever for the Suikoden rivalry with Pes and Yuber. I hope they meet soon.)


2009-11-04 15:45:29

As I have been adamantly waiting to see who goes. Only eight left. Bub, Cecil, Celes, Crono, Link, Rosa, Shadow and Terra. Rivalries and bonds are now very apparent. It's amazing how long the attraction between Rosa and Cecil can last, even with all the Sailor Moon crap and everything.

Sad to see Mario go, but all in all, I'm quite happy to see you picked this back up and will be watching.


2009-11-09 16:30:13

awesome man.
wow how do you get so good at drawing all this in flash.
haha i suck right now. i hope to be as great as you
cant wait for SS9


2009-11-12 14:35:50

Shit's awesome bro.


2010-02-05 17:02:56



2010-03-07 09:20:28

Man, I luv u!
Hope u get some time to work on this!

greetings Tony


2010-03-19 13:06:53



2010-04-15 16:41:51

are u still makin this????? its been over 5 months since u said its bein made


2010-05-07 17:24:10

Any minute now...


2010-05-24 12:36:08

Dude, even if I am so f*ck excited, I'm excited enough to wait. Take as long as you want just make sure you use that time to make SS9 PERFECT AND EPIC. :D

PS I will kill you if it doesn't get released. I'm watching you. >:) :D


2010-07-05 00:37:56

this looks pretty awesome already, hope you don't leave us hanging.
By the way, why are they staring at a barrel of nuclear waste?


2010-07-11 11:22:34

yo its almost been a year since u siad u were makin this. i hope u didnt give up


2010-09-09 17:03:32

is good that you are back to the business but ss-9 will be the finale of the series?


2010-12-30 17:35:07


It's been forever!!! I'm excited for this but did you give up again?


2011-01-22 22:42:53

I'm going to make a post in defense (not really a defense, but just for people to understand) for Hell-Fire.

When I first watched this series, or any video on the Internet, I was at least 12. I had PLENTY of free time since I didn't have anything really important, except for schoolwork. As I write this post, I'm 18. I'm on my way to being a sailor in the U.S. Navy, while maintaining a full-time college schedule where the tuition comes out of my own pocket. Combine this all together. Do you think that you're going to waste your time making a NON-PROFIT flash video where you have other priorities in mind?

No offense to Hell-Fire, because I admire and respect all his work for what he contributes to the community. Think about it. He's reaching his mid-20s and as he's stated before, his life is getting intense and the last priority in his head is going to making these great series. When he was a few years younger in high school, sure, but he's a grown adult now and we all need to remember that we need to set our priorities in the right order, and Hell-Fire is no exception to that rule. Do not put pressure on him to finish the series. If he does not wish to continue, let him be.

To Hell-Fire: Thank you so much for creating this wonderful series. It is because of this series is why I always went back to NG to see the next part of your work. These words alone don't do you enough justice on how much I respect you. Take it easy.


2011-03-26 20:20:50

Duke Nukem Forever will be out be for this is


2011-08-24 16:50:03

@max15946 Sooo mean. True, but mean.

Take your time, Hell-Fire. You still have many loyal viewers ready for more pixelated tomfoolery!


2011-11-14 22:54:21

oh my god. This is taking forever


2012-03-13 09:00:08

Np, bro. Take your time. I'll watch this up every year! :)


2012-03-17 07:56:52

Sorry guys. Isn't going to happen. I have no free time at all to do any of this. Maybe in the future, but I can't at the moment.


2016-02-22 11:04:26

rip :(

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah, sorry :( No time to do anything anymore :(


2016-12-07 02:20:22

LOL, I'm legit about to finish the work for you bro, hopefully I can take the weight off your shoulders. Regardless though I think you're a legend since you made my 06 an awesome one. Good looks

Hell-Fire responds:

Haha Thanks mate! Wish I could go back to those times. Glad you enjoyed!


2017-02-23 23:53:13

Welp hell-fire, I just wanted to say thank you for making the series dude it was a large part of my child hood and now im just reminiscing and found this. just thank you bro.

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks mate! Making this was a large part of my childhood too! I'm glad you're still enjoying it :D